Keratin Revolution

Keratin Revolution was introduced to the salon in 2020 and has fast become one of the most popular treatments.

This is not a straightening treatment, its better! The brands founder, Ben Collins says ‘Keratin Revolution was born out of the desire to create a haircare brand which would help a diverse range of people manage their hair on a daily basis, giving them the foundation to create an amazing smooth, frizz-free finish. All this whilst maintaining the flexibility to be able to create differing styles from silly straight to a more bouncy volumized blowdry to smooth defined curls’

The treatment works on all hair types, it removes frizz but does not damage the hair or changes the hair structure like straightening treatments.

In life time is always a major issue for us all. This treatment will reduce blow drying time by 50-70%.

If you have ever wanted salon hair every day this is the treatment for you. Without frizz in humidity, wet and damp weather and saving time on a daily basis who would not want this?

The treatment starts with a wash and blowdry using a specialised shampoo to remove oils from the hair. Once dried the product is applied to your hair and develops under a heat lamp for approximately 30 minute. Then we move you back to the back wash to remove some of the product. The remaining product is dried then straightened into your hair.

After you leave you can style your hair however you desire. There is no time restraints on when you can wash it again. The treatment will last 3-4 months.

We strongly recommend you purchase the aftercare products when you are in the salon to ensure the treatment will last for the desired time.

The transformations are no less than life changing for our clients. They love the smooth silky hair that can be curled or straightened as desired, they love the time saving from the blow drying.

Saramanda 1 are proud to be the Area Specialists of Keratin Revolution and are the only salon locally to receive this exclusivity.

Great Lengths Extensions

There are many options of Hair extensions available across the industry and we have carefully considered the choice of our supplier.

Great lengths hair is sourced ethically, its traceable human hair from India and then Great Lengths make it 100% Remy and Double Drawn, which means that all of the natural hair qualities are preserved by undergoing a specific and unique production process in their factory in Rome. Double Drawn means that it has the same thickness from root to tip and the special procedure of the hair extension align the natural direction of the cuticles and safeguarding the hair from damage. This is key to preserve the hair extensions health and colour vibrancy. Hair stands of different shades are expertly blended by hand to add Depth to the colour and mimic the natural appearance of our clients hair.

Great Lengths say ‘The Ethical sourcing of hair is fundamental to the Great Lengths Philosophy. One of the key decisions taken by Great Lengths is to only source hair from voluntary donations deriving from religious practices. Great Lengths selects the vrery best human hair from different Indian Hindu Temples. The hair has been donated willingly to the temple as an act of devotion. The key advantage to the community is that the revenue generated by the sale of Temple hair is used for social benefit. Every Strand has been donated willingly and with full consent. Each person that chooses to donate their hair has been treated with respect and care.’

Great Lengths Pre-Bonded Hair extensions

Perfect to add length and volume to your hair. The ideal solution for clients who are looking for premium hair extensions with an invisible and seamless application, lasting from 4-6 months with appropriate care and maintenance.

Great Lengths Tapes

These are designed to create a fuller effect and long luxurious hair thanks to fast application. The medical grade adhesive strip is designed not to cause any tension and feels completely flat on the head. Tapes need refitting after approximately 6-8 weeks to ensure they remain invisible, and can be reused up to 3 times.

Once the extensions have been removed, the quality is so great that they can be donated to ‘Little Princess Trust’ who provide free real hair wigs to children and young people who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment or other conditions.

Put quiet simply, Great Lengths is the premium brand for hair extensions, and we are proud to be a Great Lengths certified salon. We offer the best quality hair, using methods that do not affect your natural hair, fitted by Certified Stylists. Each certified stylist has taken and passed a written exam followed by intensive practical training and assessments by Great Lengths. When we made the decision to become a Great Lengths salon we invested heavily, in order to bring our clients, safe, premium hair extensions.

As an extension wearer Mandy says ‘ I have worn extensions for more years than I can remember and Great Lengths is by far the best. As a salon owner I had to decide which road to go down with extensions. The cheaper brands were never going to offer the quality that our clients deserve. If clients are looking for cheap extensions then we are definitely not the salon for them, but if clients are looking for quality, exceptional service and aftercare then I challenge anyone to find a better brand. When looking for extensions it is imperative that the stylist has received appropriate training for the brand of hair, I can guarantee that my stylists have and this can be verified with Great Lengths themselves. The ethical ethos of the brand fits with the salons core values.’

All extensions are quoted at the time of consultation.  Please contact the salon to book your free 30 minute consultation.


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